The Central Archaeology Group is an archaeology and cultural heritage consulting company with offices in
Eastern and Western Canada. We have assembled a skilled team of experts to provide you with a full range of
professional services for the identification, evaluation, and management of archaeological and heritage resources.


As heritage specialists we strive to provide personalized client services. We maintain a high standard of quality and approach each project with skill and competence. Our corporate philosophy is to exceed your expectations.

CAGI has years of experience supporting provincial and municipal agencies, land developers, environmental and engineering firms and private land owners in the full spectrum of heritage services. Our extensive track record in working with these agencies affords us broad insights into the needs, challenges and requirements of our clients.

No matter how small or large the project, our corporate philosophy and extensive experience guides our approach. We firmly believe in the importance of all cultural resources and we work diligently to not only to protect our heritage but to satisfy the archaeological process.

The breadth of our experience is extensive, from cottage and land severances to aggregate pit and mining licenses and from residential development to highway and utility corridors. These projects range in size and complexity from sites less than a hectare in size to corridors several hundred kilometres in length.