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CAGI is a registered Aboriginal company as one of the founders is a member of the Manitoba Metis Federation. The CAGI team is well positioned to successfully and efficiently deliver archaeological services. We possess the knowledge and experience necessary to manage a multitude of projects with varying needs. Our familiarity with the landscape, archaeology and cultural and natural history of Ontario, along with our experience conducting archaeological assessments and working with cultural materials permits us to approach our projects with confidence and proficiency.

Interests include:

  • First Nations consultation and engagement
  • archaeological pedagogy
  • Indigenous languages
  • Indigenous foodstuffs and medicines
  • historical research.

Derek Paauw

President and Historic Researcher

Derek has been working in the archaeology field since 2002. He has been involved in over 400 archaeological assessments in Ontario and Central America, taking a keen interest in transitional areas of occupation between culture groups. He received his MA in Anthropology from Trent University in 2007 and has been involved in groundbreaking research throughout his career.

Laura McRae

Director and Chief Archaeologist

Laura is a Metis archaeologist and the current President of the Ontario Association of Professional Archaeologists as well as the Director for Indigenous Relations. She has been conducting archaeological assessments since 2001 and received her MA in Anthropology from Trent University in 2006 and postgraduate certification in the Archaeology of Standing Buildings from Leicester University in 2007. As a member of the Métis Nation of Manitoba, Laura is particularly concerned with the transition period between pre-contact First Nations groups and the introduction of European trade and settlement.

Laura McCrea

Helga Stephens

Archaeology Technician

Helga has been involved in archaeological excavations and survey for seven years, taking a keen interest in the pre-contact cultures of Ontario and the result of European settlement and occupation in the province. With experience in North American archaeology, Helga has also also been involved in cultural resource surveys, archaeological excavations and archaeological and cultural heritage assessments throughout Ontario.


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